Frail Bird

Words on a Wing

Frail Bird is the first book of poems that David Ridgway has shown to the public. This collection shows light and dark sides of the author’s psyche. The insight into his bipolar mind is refreshing in its honesty and beauty. The roller coaster ride that is his life with bipolar disorder is lovingly sent to all readers demystifying the pain and euphoria felt by people with this often mentally paralyzing condition.

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The Music of Waves

The sea sings
a song of
love and nature
nurturing me

with its rumbling
power humbling
me as I
walk in awe

of the spiritual
peace and amazing
love that the
ocean gives us

and we need
to love it
back and not
destroy its

soulful serenity
with the poison
of pollution we
spew out every

day and clean
the ocean as
it clears our
souls forever

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Meet David

David Ridgway comes from Pasco, Washington, a small town on the Columbia River. His father is an accountant who became a successful consultant. His mother, who passed away in 1992, came within six hours of getting her Masters degree. She instilled a love of reading to her children. David is the middle of an older brother and a younger sister. David started to exhibit signs of depression at age fourteen. This landed him in a mental hospital when he was sixteen years old. In 2011 while resting in a psyche ward, David started a stream of poetry which was cleansing and prolific. He sites an eclectic influence from Robert Frost to musical icons such as Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and the Beatles. This is his first book. He lives in Fairfax, California. Mr. Ridgway hopes his passionate poetry will show the world that bipolar disorder is both a curse and a gift.